AIM Basics

Thank you for your interest in the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. The following introductory information is designed to introduce you to:
  • the decades of private practice and key concepts behind this 24/7 spiritual healing technology
  • the urgency for all of us to heal all of our energetic blockages to reaching our well-being potential
  • the indisputable fact that we are the only ones who can heal ourselves
  • how AIM has helped thousands of people achieve a level of well-being most never consider possible (pets too).

We believe once you do your homework, the value of everything AIM offers will be obvious and will seem inexpensive compared to the pre-AIM private practice days when office visits and evaluations were necessary, as described in the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, now available as a 25th Anniversary Edition. Additionally, there has only been one price increase since AIM was launched in 1999. That was in 2022. The price has been barely raised but the AIM Program continues to expand in comprehensiveness and effectiveness almost daily.

Over 60,000 people (and pets) around the world have personally experienced the extraordinary benefits of the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. Many have reported amazing improvement as they have used AIM to self-heal, noting changes in their physical health, sense of well-being, their vitality and ability to enjoy life more fully, to adapt to change, to think more clearly, love more deeply and to release unproductive and uncomfortable patterns in their lives.


The Power of AIM

Virtual Tray Tour Video (3 minutes)

Intro to AIM Audio (27 minutes)

Eval Demo Video (15 minutes)

This video shows why Energetic Balancing is so necessary.
Please read this brief note about Energetic Evaluation
before watching the video.

AIM Q&A and Glossary
Types of Frequencies on AIM
Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, Prologue and two Epilogues
Founder Call Highlights (Top 20 Founder Calls)
Meet the Founders


AIM Secrets: The Ongoing Evolution of AIM
It Doesn't Fly
States of Imbalance
Animals on AIM: Conscious Creatures of Healing

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