Maximizing the AIM Program
The purpose of the AIM Program is to assist you in releasing the blockages that impede you from having and doing all you want; to raise your Life Force for maximum ability to self-heal; and to assist you in expanding your consciousness to live in the fullness of who you truly are. The AIM Program does its part by broadcasting to you, via your photograph, balancing and enhancing frequencies to assist you with this. The continuous flow of these healing frequencies gives you the energetic tools and the energetic edge you need to energetically heal yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

The very act of beginning the AIM Program causes you to activate your self-healing mechanism. You are giving your Higher Consciousness permission to continuously select the exact frequencies you need for your own unique healing and balancing. Maximizing your benefit on AIM, however, may require a shift in consciousness on your part to think of the whole process of creation as something you do everyday, whether you are aware of it or not. So take a moment right now, and look at yourself as creator.

As creator, imbalances can be created by you because of those aspects of your experience you deem too difficult to face. You suppress them, literally bury them in your energetic matrix, and thereby create layers and layers of energetic imbalances. Conversely, well-being can be created and experienced by you, because you believe and know that well-being is your natural state, and you consciously choose it.

You, and only you, are the architect of your life. Spiritual masters and scientists are finally agreeing on this. You shape energy, and therefore all your experiences, with consciousness. Whatever exists in your life is of your own making. The joyful news the AIM Program brings is that if you don't like what you have created, you can change it.

On AIM you have the tools to raise vibration and better manage your energy. You maximize your AIM experience as you expand the understanding that you, yourself, choose and utilize the tools; and you increase your capacity to do so more consciously.

The bottom line is that the quicker you consciously choose conscious creation, the greater you maximize your AIM Program experience. Right now, today, in your present moment, choose to be the architect of your life. Take the AIM inner journey that allows you to be the conscious, deliberate architect of your life.

Here are a few helpful suggestions that may serve you:

  • Join in on as many of our conference calls as you can. Calls given by EMC² founders Stephen Lewis, Evan Slawson, and Roberta Hladek are powerful, and help you in deepening your understanding of AIM, and how you can use AIM to assist you in your own personal evolution. Our Facilitator Open Conference calls are also designed to assist you in deepening your understanding of the AIM Program and how you may use the AIM program tools to expand consciousness and heal yourself. See Events & Resources for call schedules.

  • Review my Recommended Reading List and select books and other materials that resonate with you.

  • Re-read Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson, or listen to Sanctuary, the audio book. Each time you re-read parts of Sanctuary you can get a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the amazing power for self transcendence available to you with the AIM Program.

  • Go inside and consciously choose to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with your Higher Self, Inner Being, Inner Guidance... or whatever you choose to call it. Your inner guidance is always with you. It is that part of you that is always perfect, and always chooses for your highest good. You can use it to get direction, intuit answers, chart a purposeful course, and more.

  • Call me. I am here to serve your energetic needs, and it is my pleasure to do so. Now, there are many of you, but only one of me. Our communication is largely via email. If you do not have email capability, please make a note to call me every few weeks for Program and conference call updates. While I’d like to talk with everyone regularly, this becomes increasingly difficult as my AIM Ministry grows. If I cannot communicate with you via email, calls from you are imperative if you wish to remain current.

  • For those of you not yet on AIM, I extend the invitation to you as well, to interact with us. Join our open calls. Call me if you have questions or need more information. We can help you find your way to greater conscious creation, if that is your wish.

For assistance in charting your course see
Intentions & Energy Goal Cards

Your Role as an AIM Participant
Your role as an AIM Program participant is to choose conscious awareness, to accept that you are the architect of your life, and to become the allower as you receive the Energetic Balancing frequencies through the AIM Program. The more allowing you are of the energetic balancing process and the more receptive you are to the healing, the quicker the healing is likely to be. The more resistive you are, the slower, and possibly the more challenging, your healing process may be.

The Role of Your Facilitator
AIM Program Facilitators are the independent representatives of EMC². We provide you with the opportunity to receive Energetic Balancing. Facilitators are trained by EMC² in the fundamental beliefs and practices of EMC² and the AIM Program. We provide support to those participating in the AIM Program, and assist those wanting information about AIM. We help you understand what the AIM Program is. We assist you with the application process. We host "Share Group Meetings" in person and via telephone conferencing, for those already on AIM, and those interested in our Program.

As your Facilitator, I am always present to answer your questions, give energetic guidance, and to connect with you in ways that are meaningful and supportive to you in your energetic balancing process. Ongoing communication with you is key. It will enhance my effectiveness as your Facilitator. It will enhance your evolution as participant.

To all current AIM participants, I welcome the opportunity to continue assisting you in your journey to total well-being. To all of you considering the AIM Program, thank you for your interest. I welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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