Energetic Balancing

"Hereditary imbalances are the substance basically that forms you. And you have a lifetime to deal with them or have them deal with you."
          Natural Awakenings Interview with Stephen Lewis

Energetic balancing as discussed here refers to the process of eliminating the negative frequencies, or energetic imbalances, that hinder your defense and your growth. Energetic balancing concerns the energy body, versus the physical body. Blockages to the flow of Life Force exist in the energy body.

Insights into the bridge between quantum physics and the spiritual aspects of consciousness have revealed that our physical manifestations are merely an expression of the vast matrix of energy that makes up the universe.

Einstein's equation E=mc² proved to scientists that energy and matter are merely manifestations of the same essence. Most importantly, Einstein's work demonstrated that everything is energy. You, your consciousness, emotions, illnesses – everything – is energy. And everything has a unique frequency. When the body's energetic frequencies are in harmony, there are no blockages to the flow of Life Force. The greater your flow of Life Force, the greater your personal power to create, to heal, to reach your potential.

As you begin to understand how you create energetic imbalances, you gain insight into your innate ability to heal yourself and greater understanding that it is your responsibility to do so.

Emotional imbalances are the root causes of energy blockages. We believe cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes – more prevalent than ever – are merely outer manifestations of deeper spiritual and emotional energetic blockages. The good news we offer is that just as you, yourself, create these blockages, you can also heal yourself of them.

We believe every physical manifestation of a disease, every emotion behind the disease – your depression, your hope, your despair, even your confusion – everything is made up of changeable energetic frequencies. Richard Gerber, MD and author of Vibrational Medicine states that, "humans are entities who consist of more than physical nerves, muscles, and bones. We are multidimensional beings of energy and light, whose physical body is but a single component of a larger dynamic system... our physical forms are fed also by higher vibrational energies. These subtle energies are hierarchical in nature, and work from higher levels downward until they become manifest at the level of the physical body…health is a function of proper alignment, balance, and coordination of the higher subtle-energy forms and forces with the physical."

Stephen Lewis, co-founder of EMC², believes, "We are all energetic beings, and with that comes responsibility for what we manifest within ourselves. Because of this, self-healing is fundamentally both a personal choice and spiritual practice.

"If there is something about your life that you deem to be negative, you must understand it and take responsibility for it. You created it, it's there for a reason and therefore, you can change it or you can remove it. This is called healing.

"A disease frequency is simply a frequency that is disharmonic with the human state. If the disease frequency cannot get a toe hold, if you have no weakness that the frequency can latch on to, you can repel it and go on with your life.

"Hereditary imbalances are the substance basically that forms you. And you have a lifetime to deal with them or have them deal with you."
Natural Awakenings Interview with Stephen Lewis

Introduction To EMC²

To support the work of the energetic integration of mind, body and spirit, the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness. LLC (EMC²), was formed in 1998. The energetic work illustrated in the novel Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness and described here is available through EMC² and only through EMC².

EMC² is a for-profit Church and a religious organization with a religious doctrine but no physical church. Rather, EMC² offers the sacrament of Energetic Balancing, via the AIM Program (All Inclusive Method), a spiritual healing technology, the mission of which is to help us all live in a world where everyone is conscious and everyone has the opportunity to express their true potential. Through the AIM Program, we offer a system which provides you, the only person who can heal you, with powerful tools for well-being, self-awareness and spiritual development. Our "trinity" is consciousness, spirituality and healing. We believe they are inseparable.

Co-Founder of EMC² and co-author of the book Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness, Stephen Lewis, has dedicated his life to understanding the energetic possibilities in the development of human consciousness and well-being. Co-founder and co-author Evan Slawson's contributions have been invaluable in the evolution of the energetic techniques described in the book, including the inspirations that have made it possible to share these techniques more widely. Sanctuary is both a novel that describes the evolution of their work into the current AIM Program, and also a brilliant work that simply and profoundly presents the concept of energetic balancing and our role in both creating imbalances and the removal of them.

For more information about EMC² and The AIM Program, please contact me, your Facilitator.

As you explore this site, the below quotes from Stephen Lewis's extensive list of mentors and inspirational sources are just a sampling from the many brilliant minds who have helped make it possible for Stephen's revelations to culminate in The AIM Program. What if you really can experience how good you are supposed to feel on every level of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? Perhaps The AIM Program will speak to you as being a powerful tool to assist in manifesting your life as you want it.

We urge you to read Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness. It is the very best means of understanding our message of personal responsibility and the tremendous potential to self-heal.

"Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot
possibly have understood it." Niels Bohr

"To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness. In this sense, and in this sense only, I belong to the ranks of devoutly religious men." Albert Einstein

"Those who are meant to hear will understand. Those who are not meant to understand will not hear." Confucius

Tenets of EMC²

1. Self-Discovery is the Purpose of Life
Self-Discovery, the process of uniting us with our true Self which is divine in nature, is the purpose of life. The energetic balancing process used by the Church is a sacrament for accomplishing the goal of Self-Discovery.

2. Universal Energy
Physics shows us that E=mc². Thus, only one thing makes up the universe. This thing is energy, which is Divine and, as such, can be neither created nor destroyed. Energy is without boundaries or limits. Since we ourselves are part of it, we are actually all of it, although we may at times find it difficult to perceive this, by virtue of our mortality. The perception of our separateness is created by our imbalances which make us unable to continually and fully experience our connection to the universe. Transcending this illusion is the purpose of life. Our practice of energetic balancing is a sacramental process which helps us to achieve true consciousness of ourselves and the Divine energy flow around and through us.

3. Energetic Balance and Imbalance
Energetic imbalance prevents us from achieving our goal of Self-Discovery. Energetic balancing removes energetic imbalances which weaken our energetic constitution. Further, our energetic balance can be enhanced by the addition of frequencies which reinforce the energetic constitution of an individual.

4. All Religions Are True
All religions are true. This is not to say that all religions are The One Truth. Instead, all religions are valid descriptions of the path which the ministry of EMC² also describes: That what we perceive as reality is an illusion, in that we often only perceive and understand a small fraction of any reality. This vision and knowledge is called consciousness. Our path and purpose is to expand that consciousness, which is the ability to perceive and know reality. Further, total consciousness is absolute energy and is a description of divinity by whatever name it is called. Our path is to realize that consciousness/divinity to the greatest extent possible.

5. Scriptural Support for our Beliefs
Biblical support for the Divine Consciousness and Universal Energy theories come in the form of the Biblical statements God is Light, God is in all things and of Him all things are made, and many other examples. Many spiritual teachings and traditions other than Christian scripture, and even certain aspects of the theoretical sciences, provide relevant transcendental knowledge.

6. Holographic Nature of the Universe
In keeping with the idea that God is light and various other religious and scientific doctrines, EMC² holds that the universe and we ourselves are essentially holograms of frozen energy.

7. Self-Responsibility
EMC² teaches self-responsibility. Self-responsibility means acknowledging that we are the cause of everything in our own lives. Self-responsibility means accepting the power that we truly wield as infinite and eternal beings. Denial of our self-responsibility means giving up that power and becoming victims of our environment.

8. Everything is Conscious
EMC² believes in the miraculous nature of the universe. By this we mean that the universe exists solely as a manifestation of the Universal Consciousness. Because each thing is a manifestation of the Universal Consciousness, everything is conscious.

9. Quantum Consciousness
The smallest unit of consciousness that can be measured is what we call the Quantum Consciousness Unit. We measure these Quantum Consciousness Units in the process of energetic analysis using our hardware/software/consciousness system which we call the Quantum-Consciousness Evaluation Device or QED.

10. Energetic Balancing Is a Form of Prayer
In the way that other religions use mantras and prayer, we use energetic balancing. We take the precise mantra or prayer, which we call subtle-energy frequencies, that is indicated by our energetic analysis process. These subtle-energies can be taken in the form of a holy water in which they have been infused (though this process is no longer used) or the subtle-energies can be transmitted to a person directly through his or her photograph.

11. Reincarnation
Our Energetic Matrix is eternal and it manifests repeatedly in our past and future lives.

12. Karma and Transcendence
We carry karma from past lives and this life. Each individual is the caretaker of his or her own karma. Removing negative karma brings improvement in this and future lives. Negative karma can be erased via energetic balancing. Many, but not all, people can eliminate all their negative karma in this lifetime.

13. Photographs Connect Directly to and from the Person or Thing Photographed
Each part of a hologram contains the entire information of the whole. This principle manifests itself in the ability to use a photograph to help the person depicted remove subtle energy imbalances from what EMC² calls their Energetic Matrix. A photograph contains the complete subtle-energy information about the individual(s) depicted and can be used to transmit or receive that energy.

14. Disclaimer of Medical Benefits to Energetic Balancing
Some of the results of the Energetic Analysis Sacrament of EMC² are described in terms that sound much like the terms used by medical doctors. In fact, the similarities exist in name only. The energetic ministry of EMC² examines only subtle energy. It is the belief of EMC² that subtle-energy imbalances deal with the fundamental energy of the universe itself: Consciousness. EMC²'s techniques bring about balance of subtle energies in those who practice these techniques, but this does not mean that EMC² is finding and removing actual disease. Instead, EMC² only finds and eliminates an individuals obstacles to their own ability to achieve well-being.

15. There is Always More
There is no beginning or end to eternity, of which we and everything are a part. This fact is reflected everywhere, from the vastness of the universe to the depths of the Energetic Matrix. While you exist (and you will always exist) there will always be more to learn, to discover, to experience, to become conscious of. For us, in our incarnations, there is always more. Perfection is not an end, it is what we strive for. With this in mind, the sacraments of EMC² are subject to continual adjustment as our awareness of the energetic environment grows.

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