AIM Secrets: The Ongoing Evolution of AIM
I want to share a bit about how the AIM Program works and has evolved. We don't usually talk much about the details of operating the AIM Program. Here is a big reason why: Early on we found that there were people who enjoyed stealing whatever we said and claiming it as their own. For instance, there were some people in Colorado who claimed that they really wrote the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness and we had stolen it from them. Another example is regarding the Rosetta Frequencies. For those who don't recall the history of the Rosetta Frequencies, let me bring you up to speed:

In the beginning (of EMC², of course) it was not possible to provide AIM. Remember, AIM stands for All-Inclusive Method. Via the AIM Program we can deliver all known balancing energies at the same time. Before AIM there was the Evaluation Method, which required a careful look at an individual's energetic needs in order to provide the exact balancing energies the individual needed at that time.

Energetic Balancing: Because Everything is Energy
Before comparing the Evaluation Method and the AIM Program and how the Rosetta Frequencies are relevant, here is a quick review of what Energetic Balancing is. EMC², which is an acronym and service mark for Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, believes that everything is energy. Everything includes you. And me. And that takes us into the spiritual realm of "everything is one," because everything is energy. Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, E=mc², shows it clearly. There is just the one big E, representing all Energy, on the left side of the equation. On the right side of the equation is everything else. The right side, mc², describes everything in the physical universe as being a function of physical matter and the speed it is moving. The left side shows us that all of the stuff on the right side, light, matter, and so on, is energy.

We believe that our energy selves, or "energetic" selves as we typically speak of it, are beings of energy. That energy can be out of balance, and often is out of balance, resulting in things like unhappiness, disconnection from others, unwellness, etc. I.e. general lack of wholeness. This is because you, as an energetic being, are built upon an architecture of consciousness which we call the Energetic Matrix.

The Energetic Matrix – How you manifest your life
The Energetic Matrix is like a blueprint. Using this blueprint, you build your life, your "Self." The Energetic Matrix is somewhat similar to the Chinese concept of acupuncture meridians. If you've ever looked at a drawing depicting the meridian system, it looks something like the anatomy of the nervous system, but not exactly. In the Hindu concept, there is a similar system built around what are called nadis. The nadi system is similar to the meridian system but not exactly. In any case, all of these are ways of transmitting energies that express and manifest the Self.

Unlike meridians and nadis, which are thought to be a subtle-energy organ system of the physical body, the Energetic Matrix is an anatomy of consciousness that carries Life Force energy not just to and through your body but far beyond the body to everything in your life. This flow affects everything, from your body, to your mind, to your spiritual beliefs, to your bank account and all your possessions, as well as your relationships, your family, etc, etc. Most people, when they hear the words Life Force, think of the energy that allows the heart to beat and the breath to flow. And we agree that Life Force is that, too. But Life Force, also known as Qi or Chi or Prana, is more than that. Much more. Remember: Life Force is the creative energy you use to manifest your life. To have the life you were meant to live, it is vitally important to ensure that Life Force flows properly.

We at EMC² believe that blockages to the flow of Life Force can prevent the desired harmonious manifestation of everything in your life, from wellness, to happiness, or anything else that you might consider important to your well-being. We call these blockages to the flow of Life Force "energetic imbalances." Energetic imbalances occur in the Energetic Matrix, the system that carries Life Force to where it creates the reality of your life. As you probably already know, many of these energetic imbalances have names that are the same as or similar to the names of diseases. They are similar in name only. The ministry of EMC² is a spiritual ministry and not a medical one. We do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We help you deal with energetic imbalances. Many energetic imbalances have other names that have nothing to do with disease names. These include many that are named symbolically and do not exist within the bounds of language.

How energetic imbalances are acquired
Energetic imbalances can be acquired three ways: actively, hereditarily or through karma. Hereditarily means an energetic imbalance was acquired via the energetic matrices of your ancestors, starting with your parents and their parents and so on, going on back through time. Karma is the connection to your past lives regardless of heredity. Karmic energetic imbalances are those you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime. Your karmic energetic imbalances create a pattern of polarities that combine to attract and lock on to your hereditary imbalances by attracting you to your birth parents. The patterns formed by the separate and combined karmic and hereditary energetic imbalances create more patterns of polarity which also attract and lock on to active energetic imbalances which you then acquire in this lifetime.

The AIM Program, our spiritual technology, is a tool you use, via your Higher Self, to identify and remove these blockages from the Energetic Matrix, thereby allowing Life Force to flow properly and thus allowing you to manifest what's needed, as needed, in order to achieve your true purpose in life.

The spiritual technology which provides energetic balancing has taken two primary forms. One is the Evaluation Method and the other is the AIM Program.

The Evaluation Method
Prior to AIM we offered what we call the Evaluation Method. The Evaluation Method required an expensive energetic evaluation in order to determine which balancing energies you needed most at the time the energetic evaluation was being performed. Those balancing energies of greatest need were "imprinted" into what we called "drops" which were bottles containing Energetic Imprinting Solution fitted with an eyedropper-style pipette so the solution could be dispensed as a specific number of drops of liquid. Energetic Imprinting Solutions consisted primarily of water and a small amount of ethyl alcohol. The alcohol helped the Energetic Imprinting Solution to hold on to the imprinted balancing energies longer than it would if it were just plain water. There was also one additional ingredient which helped even more, maybe a lot more.

The Energetic Imprinting Solution drops were taken sublingually (i.e. under the tongue) at various intervals depending on the kind of energetic imbalances the drops were supposed to help balance. Some drops were taken every few hours for a few days. Some were taken two or three times per day for a few weeks. Others might be taken every second or third night, with only a drop or two needed each time. This made for a complicated routine, especially when first starting to take drops after an Initial Evaluation. The routine was not only complicated but was also time-consuming. I took to playing computerized mahjong solitaire as a way to stay focused on what I'll wryly call the "drops taking ceremony" which was often a three-times per day event.

How did the AIM Program come about?
There were a lot of downsides to the Evaluation Method. Cost was one. There was the cost of the energetic evaluation and the cost of the drops. Together they were, by the standards of today's AIM Program, quite expensive. It wasn't hard to spend thousands of dollars a year on Energetic Balancing if you were determined to get the maximum results. Those who became aware enough understood that every disturbance in our lives was a result of some kind of energetic imbalance. This often led to a compulsion to get the next energetic evaluation in order to quickly heal onesself of whatever came up. The Evaluation Method required an in-person appointment for the energetic evaluation. So it took time out of busy schedules. Not to mention the difficulty and expense of finding a parking place. But the biggest downside of the Evaluation Method is that you always needed another evaluation and more, different, drops. Sometimes, drops that were thought to be needed for a month were actually finished in a few hours, meaning that they had already done their job of helping the person remove the energetic imbalances those drops were imprinted for. So in the tradition of lather, rinse, repeat, another energetic evaluation and more drops were needed, often very soon after the previous evaluation.

It had been possible to use photographs for energetic evaluation and for energetic imprinting of balancing energies, but the energetic evaluation was still needed and the specific balancing energies needed to be imprinted. Before the AIM Program, it was necessary to dedicate an entire computer to imprinting balancing energies into a single individual's photograph. The sheer number of computers required made it logistically impossible to provide photographic imprinting for a large number of people at once. It made much more sense to imprint drops instead, which took only a few minutes of computer use. This is not to say that purely photographic energetic balancing sessions never happened, but it was rare, provided only as a courtesy to certain friends and family.

The concept of AIM was around for a while but it just plain didn't work. The concept was "wouldn't it be great if we could eliminate energetic evaluation by providing all known balancing energies all the time to any individual or, even better, to everybody." It seemed that the use of photographs and photographic imprinting of balancing energies might make that possible.

Alas, the problem with delivering many or all balancing energies photographically was that past a certain number of balancing energies at a time it was like the energies got cancelled out and the person depicted in the photograph was not receiving any energies at all. (This was also true of Energetic Imprinting Solutions as well. Only a small number of balancing energies could be imprinted into each bottle of Energetic Imprinting Solutions. And the drops from those bottles had to be taken with a delay between each bottle so as to avoid the cancellation problem. Often an energetic evaluation required that the balancing energies be placed into a lot of bottles in order to do it effectively. I think my personal record was 15 bottles. It took almost 45 minutes to take the whole set of drops as instructed. That is why mahjong solitaire or some other pastime was necessary. This process was repeated three times a day for weeks and months because I was one of those people who wanted a new evaluation as often as possible so I was always taking drops.)

Rosetta Frequencies to the rescue
This problem was finally resolved with the revelation of what we call the Rosetta Frequencies. The Rosetta Frequencies are a specific set of balancing energies that function together to act as what I think of as a lens. I had a revelation that maybe it wasn't so much that a lot of balancing energies delivered at a time were cancelling each other out. Instead, they were actually just blurred so they could not be properly differentiated and therefore weren't usable. Once that concept manifested, the idea of a set of balancing energies to fix the problem also came into being. Just like a pair of eyeglasses that brings the world into focus for those who need their vision corrected, the Rosetta Frequencies bring into focus all the balancing energies directed photographically at an individual.

I named the Rosetta Frequencies after the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone is a fragment of a stone tablet that had several ancient Egyptian governmental edicts inscribed in each of three languages. Because these common edicts were written in parallel, the Rosetta Stone, now one of the most famous antiquities in the British Museum, became the key to being able to read and understand hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics are a pictographic written language of ancient Egypt. They had been indecipherable until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 by soldiers in Napoleon Bonaparte's army. One of the three languages on the Rosetta Stone was ancient Greek, a known language. That known language was the clue which finally allowed hieroglyphics to be understood. Like their namesake, the Rosetta Frequencies allow the previously-indecipherable mass-collection of balancing energies we now call the AIM Program to be read and understood by the Higher Self of each participant.

Voila! The AIM Program is born
After some energetic research and further revelation via Stephen Lewis, the Rosetta Frequencies overcame the cancellation problem and allowed EMC² to deliver all of the balancing energies we are currently aware of. As AIM participants already know, these energies are delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. It's like getting an energetic evaluation along with the correct balancing energies, all day every day.

When perceiving the balancing energies clearly and distinctly, courtesy of the sharp focus provided by the Rosetta Frequencies, the Higher Self of the AIM Program recipient is able to select the balancing energies most needed NOW. And as soon as those balancing energies do their job, they are deselected. Then the next balancing energies are selected according to the recipient's now-current greatest need. And so on ad infinitum.

Another great benefit of the AIM Program is that it overcomes the "compliance" issue that occurred with the Evaluation Method. It was enough trouble to take drops as directed that some people simply did not do it. The beauty of the AIM Program is that you don't have to "comply." As long as you are on the AIM trays, you are always receiving the proper most-needed energies.

Interestingly, not long after publishing about the revelation of the Rosetta Frequencies in the first Epilogue to "Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness," called "Epilogue: The Evolution of AIM," people who were, we believe, fraudulently claiming to provide AIM-like energies, started to claim that they had the Rosetta Frequencies as well.

This caused us to send cease-and-desist letters. Sadly, it also caused us to stop talking or writing much about the ongoing evolution of AIM. Instead, we held the information and techniques closely, treating them like the sacred secrets that they are.

Addition and Recapitulation
With all that said, along with and despite the fact that we rarely talk about it, it seems like it's occasionally worth reminding participants in the AIM Program that the AIM Program continues to develop. First, of course, are the regularly-irregular additions to the AIM Program. These are primarily revealed to Roberta Hladek during the energetic rechecks she performs when necessary. Periodically, new, i.e. previously unknown to EMC², imbalances are revealed to her. She then determines the balancing energies needed for these previously unknown imbalances and the balancing frequencies are added to the AIM Program. These are announced in the EMC² weekly newsletter.

Over time circumstances emerge which demand another form of development that I call recapitulation of the AIM energies. (I am using "recapitulation" in its biological sense, i.e. the theory that the stages an organism passes through during its embryonic development repeat the evolutionary stages of structural change in its ancestral lineage. In other words, a frog embryo goes through the evolutionary stages of development that ended up with it as a frog. It is first a single cell, then two cells, then more cells, eventually taking forms like "tadpole" and eventually frog. This is similarly true for all creatures that go through embryonic development. Think of the AIM Program as an organism which is still developing embryonically and which has an ancestral lineage that goes beyond space and time to its current evolution and onward to future evolutionary stages. We at EMC² get to read and understand the records of that lineage, bit by bit, as time passes and we ourselves evolve as a result of intentional personal transformation, divine guidance and being on the AIM Program. The AIM Program has a positive-feedback bootstrapping effect. The longer you and we receive AIM, also known as the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing, the more our own evolution is accelerated, especially at the karmic level. I believe this increased understanding is ultimately why recapitulation is needed. We must respond to the higher level of awareness that lets us see more deeply into the AIM energies.) Recapitulation has happened a number times during the existence of the AIM Program. The circumstances have varied, but the recapitulations have always seemed to provide various benefits over the previous form.

The reason for this article in June 2021 is that AIM has again gone through such a recapitulation. The current recapitulation went online on June 14.

This is a very exciting event for a number of reasons, none of which I feel at liberty to specify, due to the reasons outlined above regarding sacred secrets and potential false claims of imitators. As it is, we'll probably see the concept of recapitulation turn up in some of these places. (Put smiley-face here, because what else can we do but shake our heads and smile about it.)

A fresh restart
Non-specifically, though, I believe that this week's recapitulation increases the effectiveness of AIM for new participants and for those who are already on the AIM trays. I'll venture far enough into specificity to say that one advantage for those already participating in the AIM Program is this: I believe those of us on the trays become too accustomed to the current configuration, like becoming drowsy behind the wheel of an automobile cruising a remote desert highway in the glaring noon sun on a hot summer day. Recapitulation, the evolutionary structural change, shakes things up a bit, like changing speeds or changing lanes on that highway. It provides a new overall vibration that the energetic self experiences as a fresh look at its currently-needed balancing energies.

One thing of note is that these recapitulations have been somewhat rare, as we wait for the circumstances and revealed solutions that allow a recapitulation to be manifested. This may change going forward because this particular recapitulation has been accompanied by a revelation regarding strategies and methods for subsequent recapitulations such that they may be done more frequently.

Stand by.

In Summary
AIM is continually evolving and improving.
We have added many more balancing frequencies over the years.
AIM sometimes evolves in spiritually-guided quantum leaps I call recapitulation.
AIM continues to be one of the most significant and powerful things you can do for your own spiritual, mental and physical evolution. One of my spiritual teachers told me that you are very lucky to discover certain spiritual traditions in this lifetime. The AIM Program is one of them. Lucky you. :)

© 2021 Evan Slawson

Energetic Balancing is a spiritual technology which consists of the application of subtle energies to a participant's photograph in order to help them remove their own subtle-energy imbalances. The ministry of EMC² is not health care or medicine and it does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease and its energetic concepts and practices are a matter of faith and are not acknowledged by any organized health care provider or medical regulatory body, and are not recognized as being relevant to health care. Much of the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing process focuses on what EMC² calls “gross imbalances.” EMC² has given names to gross imbalances that may often be the same as or similar to the names of diseases. Energetic imbalances and similarly-named diseases are similar IN NAME ONLY. This does not mean that EMC² is finding or helping anyone remove actual diseases. Energetic imbalances are, by definition, spiritual. EMC² believes that these imbalances are, or can be, obstacles to an individual's ability to achieve the spiritual goal of higher consciousness. EMC² provides balancing energies to assist individuals in eliminating their own energetic imbalances.

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