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Mohamed K from Algeria - AIM participant since January 2020
Testimonial provided March 2021

Islem's father provides a list of how his son has made improvements with his autism after going on the tray.
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I, Mohamed Kouadri, testify that:

From 2020, I subscribed my autistic son, Islem, in EMC²ís AIM Program on a scholarship, and I noticed positive changes in behavior and other areas. Meanwhile, I bought and read the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, a novel by EMC² Founders Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson, that make me understand how and why it works.

In 2021, I noticed dramatic changes in my son.
These are the least not the last:

- He has no bad breath
- He wants to play with us all the time
- He stopped vomiting after eating
- He runs on his two feet equally, not like before, where
   he used one foot more than the other
- Start to sing, with these words "lalalalala..."
- Start to make his eyes bigger when he looks at us, to
   make us understand that he is feeling angry
- He has more eye contact
- He brushes his teeth alone
- He use the toilet alone

All that time I was assisted by my guardian angel, my wonderful EMC² Independent Facilitator who provided me with all the information and guidance needed to assist the process.

Together we are overcoming AUTISM, we are grateful to you.
And the best is still to come. Islem will be self-healed soon.

Mohamed Kouadri

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