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Debra P from Tennessee - AIM participant since May 2001
Testimonial provided March 2023

Long-time AIM Participant has miraculous recovery from cancer surgery. Doctor says scar healing was miraculous.
Tags: 20 years on AIM; Cancer, skin; Skin cancer; Surgery; Wound healing;

I had a follow up visit last week with my physician to evaluate if the wound from the basel cell carcinoma surgery would require a skin graft. The MOHs surgery was very deep and down to bone in my forehead and about the size of a quarter.

My doctor initially told me that I would be completely bandaged, changing the bandage 2 times a day for 8-12 weeks and probably require a skin graft. This week, only 4 weeks after surgery, my doctor said the healing was miraculous. The wound had completely healed and filled in and that I could remove all bandages and would not need a skin graft.

It's remarkable. I attribute the extraordinary healing to the AIM Program and my ability to utilize it for self healing, and to my FAITH.

After 20+ years on AIM, I continue to be amazed.

Much love,
Deb, Rich & Emme

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