Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please contact your Facilitator directly with any and all questions. Facilitators are your experienced and trained advisors on the AIM Program. If there is anything they cannot answer for you, they will contact EMC² on your behalf.
Do I have to believe in AIM in order to benefit from being on it?
Kids and pets are not aware of being on AIM and have no "belief" one way or the other, yet they benefit by self-healing their imbalances and raising their Life Force as all participants do. We find many adults to be in a state of disbelief that the things they considered to be harsh facts of life could be energetic disturbances that they can actually heal. Yet what they are currently doing isn't working for them – they're still stuck or still sick. Once they have the experience of being on AIM and removing their imbalances, they may find their whole perception of how things are changing is just as described in the Prologue to Sanctuary.
What if I'm pregnant when I get on AIM or become pregnant after I begin?
While you are on AIM, your unborn child also benefits from you being on AIM. Whatever imbalances the mother heals with the help of AIM, the fetus will also heal. Even so, some expectant moms choose to place a photo of their ultrasound image on either an individual plan or on the family plan. Then, when the child is born, they merely send in a new photo of the baby.

The ideal thing is for both the mother and the father to be on AIM, at least a year, prior to conception, and for everyone to remain on AIM. That way, there is a good chance that nothing hereditarily exists to be passed on to the unborn baby, and when the baby is born and placed on AIM, its Life Force is often at 100, with no hereditary or chronic imbalances appearing to be present.

We reiterate that each participant needs to be aware of potential detox as they heal certain imbalances. It is impossible to say what any detox, be it physical and/or emotional, might be as each person is unique, has their own unique combination of imbalances, and has a different history of what they have or have not done to care for themselves in this life time. The longer you've been on AIM with a Life Force of 100, the easier it should be for you to manage everything, including being pregnant.
What other resources and support are provided to me as an AIM Participant?
EMC² provides a weekly Newsletter, written and videod testimonials, and quarterly Founder Conference Calls. All of these are available via the web.
The weekly newsletter includes a summary of new imbalances and provides links to other items of interest including past articles, talks and testimonials as well as info about upcoming and past Founders Conference Calls. EMC² also sends out a reminder e-mail the day before each Founder Conference Call, announcing the topic and which Founder will be speaking. These calls provide time for listeners to interact with the Founder in the last half of the call. All of these items are highlighted on the home page of your Facilitator's web site, and your Facilitator can guide you to additional audios and other resources we offer as well.
Do I have to do anything in order to benefit from being on AIM?
No, you don't have to do anything, just as most kids and pets don't "do" anything, but we do encourage you to continue or start additional things to care for every aspect of yourself. Many participants find as they begin widening their perspective of well-being as they use AIM to remove imbalances that they are naturally and easily making better choices, from exercise to food choices to their environment. We believe this may happen naturally for some as they begin to understand and embrace the connection of every aspect of themselves, and they feel increasingly worthy of the highest level of well-being possible for themselves.

To assist participants in better understanding their unique healing process and in maximizing their ability to utilize all AIM offers, we encourage everyone to use the calls and other resources provided to you by EMC² and your Facilitator. The more you understand about AIM, the more you understand your role in the creation of imbalances and how you use AIM to help you heal them. It's also up to you to care for every aspect of you – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and many tools can assist you along with AIM. The beauty of AIM is you get to self-heal 24/7, while still carrying on with your life – and as your Life Force rises, everything else you choose to utilize will be enhanced. Most of us have spent very little focused, consistent time addressing our healing and well-being, so investing in AIM may well find you choosing to expand on that time.
When will I be done healing everything?
EMC² believes "there is always more", that the process of raising consciousness is never completed during our lifetime. So we encourage you to view self-healing as a process that requires commitment over time.

"Done" is something each person has to decide for themselves, in terms of how they define well-being, and their intention to achieve greater consciousness. Some will be happy to just no longer feel pain in their back or wherever, to be able to play a better game of tennis, while others will measure their progress not only in terms of physical improvement but in terms of their mental and emotional improvement. While most will self-heal, energetically, all hereditary imbalances on AIM within 1-2 years (depending on when and how many new hereditary imbalances are revealed and added to AIM after they start on AIM), the physical and emotional healing and habit restructuring may take longer and will simply take the time it takes in you. We have to remember we didn't get where we are in a year.

Even when one seems to have removed all their hereditary imbalances, many value the continued "tune-up" or empowerment boost AIM provides. That constant access to newly revealed hereditary frequencies, as well as other frequencies to assist with new and old acquired imbalances they are exposed to daily. Also the continuing benefits of having all the enhancing and anti-aging frequencies available 24/7. Once hereditary imbalances have been removed, and Life Force is at 100, we have a greater ability to work on negative patterns developed in this lifetime as a result of having had the energetic imbalances. Many participants would never part with the edge they feel being on AIM provides for them. Our participants know the value of keeping their Life Force at its maximum potential. Participants like feeling better than they ever have or even thought possible.

Kids and pets seem to self-heal more quickly and easily. They usually have higher initial Life Forces and they simply often have less "stuff", and less resistance to change. Our participants keep their pets on year after year and observe the same benefits in them.

See also "tonify" in the Glossary.
How do I renew my AIM Program?
About a month before your current program expires, EMC² will mail to you the first of two renewal reminders, along with a one-page renewal form (and family plan form if you are the FRP of the plan). Once you have been on AIM, you never have to complete another application, or send in another photo, even if there is a period during which you are not on AIM. If the family plan is being renewed as it is, all that is needed is the family plan form – individual members do NOT have to complete a renewal form. If anyone or anything not previously on AIM is being added to a family plan, then an application and photo would be needed, too. Call your Facilitator if there are any questions about the forms and to get instructions for submitting these documents to them via e-mail.
What happens to my Life Force if I don't remain on AIM?
Life Force is the energy with which you create and live your life and with which you heal, manage stress and ward off things that you acquire. Participants who have reached a Life Force of 100 and remain on AIM are checked once a program year to assure their Life Force remains at 100. This is an important check and if Life Force drops, EMC² will check further to determine if there is some previously unknown imbalance that may be contributing to that decline. If a participant discontinues their AIM Program, after about 6 months or so, their Life Force usually drops. The longer they are off AIM, the more it drops. We know this as the "returning Life Force" is checked for those participants who return to AIM after being off the program for more than 6 months.
What happens to Life Force when someone transitions?
When a pet or person transitions, their Life Force may not immediately drop to zero - in other words, they may still test positive for having a "Life Force rising" (at the 5 month recheck) or a Life Force of 100 (at the 11 month recheck), in some cases, even if the recheck is completed many months after the date of transition. This isn't that surprising as Stephen Lewis told us that often a participant's level of consciousness rises dramatically once they transition, as if there are no more obstacles to higher consciousness. This is totally consistent with EMC²'s belief that spirit is eternal. In fact, we have had many participants who chose to add their deceased family members to their AIM Family Plans, although EMC² can make no statements as to the effect of the photo of the deceased remaining on AIM.

If any family member or pet on AIM should transition, please notify your Facilitator as soon as practical so they can discuss with you the options concerning the photo remaining on the trays or being removed.
Is AIM healthcare and is it tax deductible?
No, the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is not healthcare, nor medicine, and does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Nor should you try to take a tax deduction for it as such. Note, as well, that EMC² is a for-profit LLC, so your program is not deductible as a charitable contribution either.
Re testimonials: I can't find one on the web site that addresses my issue(s) -
Can you put me in touch with someone who had or has the same issue?
And: Will I have the same results?
First, we have relatively few published testimonials compared to the number of people who use AIM to help them self-heal. Many people prefer to remain private or don't care to take the time to write, while others feel they could write several testimonials because they feel AIM has helped with every aspect of their well-being, not just the healing of physical symptoms. Beyond that, all discussions or correspondence between a Facilitator and a participant are strictly confidential, so we never disclose anyone's contact information for any reason.

Secondly, neither EMC² nor Facilitators know what imbalances or what physical issues any participant may be dealing with. We work in the realm of energetic balancing, and while two people may share a common physical "diagnosis" or what you may label "the same thing", energetically, each person is highly unique in terms of their unique combination of both hereditary/karmic and acquired imbalances and the significance of and the area of impact of each imbalance in them. Everything about them and their environment, including their self-care habits or lack thereof in regards to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of themselves also can play a part. Age can matter here, too.

While AIM is an amazingly comprehensive and effective spiritual healing technology, it is an empowerment tool that participants use to release their own innate healing capacity. Ultimately, the rate and extent of all healing, as well as the entire experience of that healing, is in the hands of the individual and the combined effects of whatever they choose to include in their self-care tool kit. We believe AIM helps whatever you choose to do work better, simply because you are healing the ultimate causes of your imbalances and are there by strengthening both your Life Force and your ability to manage it as you choose.

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