The Chicken Has Landed
I've been asked to write an article on the energetic implications of the avian flu (H5N1). Before I do so, I believe there are some open issues that must be resolved.

What happened to Anthrax, and SARS? How about the invasion of the prairie dogs? Where are Jimmy Hoffa... and Judge Crater? Are there yet more turkeys or little chickens waiting in the Bush?

Now, these questions may, at first glance, appear to be unrelated. However, almost nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if one persists in maintaining that conclusion, it would be indicative of a small, underdeveloped hologram, one of insufficiently quantumized consciousness.

Consider this: Anthrax and Sars are currently cohabititating with their pet prairie dog...on an estate of undisclosed location supplied by Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater. One by one, the pieces fit together, and now, at last, we can see how they are all connected!!!?

Furthermore, I have it from the usual relibumous* source that they plan to invite the avian flu (H5N1) to join them. Now we know the facts behind the story on page one: THE CHICKEN ALWAYS COMES FIRST!!!?

I do not wish to trivialize this problem. It's quite possible H5N1 will prove to be fatal to all those ready to die. By that, I mean those with an immune system so compromised that anything can be the "last straw". The obvious catch is this: almost everything and anything may prove to be fatal to those ready to die.

The point is this: there are flu epidemics every year...chicken, egg, blue, H5N1, H1N1, H2N5, Hong Kong, Asian, English, Russian, etc. Subsequently, of course, there are those who succumb every year. but, THEY ARE THE WEAK...THE IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. ANYTHING COULD HAVE BEEN THEIR "LAST STRAW". To blame their deaths on their particular flu is to falsely empower a mundane and relatively innocuous imbalance that thousands of others acquire and overcome with barely a missed day of work.

We would be well advised to remember what the "last straw" means. If an animal is burdened to the absolute limit of its ability, and you add one more straw and the animal collapses, it would be inappropriate to say, " I gave it one lousy piece of straw and it quit on me". It is the logical successor to saying, "I had scrambled eggs this morning and then I had a car accident. I'll never have them again."

Similarly, if one has a brain imbalance and faints in the bathtub and drowns, would it be accurate to state the cause of demise was "death by water"? If so, what advice would you offer? "Try not to bathe, but, if you must, DON'T BATHE ALONE." I can see a potential burgeoning business here, "Outcall Bathing Buddies. We keep you clean, safe and happy".

I invite you to imagine this: a bunch of diseases having an Energetic Toxicity Tournament, with one objective in mind, one lottery prize...The Energetic Genocide Trophy, Class A-Natural .**

Now, this being a quantum competition it has neither space or time limitations. Picture each dread disease stepping-up and "taking its best shot".

One by one, each scourge of mankind throughout history flexes its muscles: Anthrax, bubonic plague, smallpox, the 1918 influenza, Ebola ... the results are always the same.

First, the weak are culled, thinning out the herd. After which, comes the real test: the effect of each disease on strong healthy people with intact immune systems.

Predictably, there is an initial staggering impact, almost-but-not-quite-bad-enough-to-be- fatal, followed by the inevitable comeback/recovery/second-wind. The disease recipient pulls himself up off the floor, clears his head, and overcomes the attacking imbalance. The disease frequency withdraws, knowing it failed in its one and only chance for the trophy.

In the future, each time it attacks, it will be recognized more quickly for what it is. It will be dealt with more readily, and disposed of with greater ease. It had its chance and will never again be able to be disguised.

Furthermore, its information is networked and passed on energetically, genetically, and quantumly. In the future, when it shows itself it will be identified and dealt with: "I remember you. It was 50 lifetimes or so ago, but I've got a great memory, and I still remember how to deal with you. I'm a survivor."

Some of you may have noticed that the tournament had a caveat. It was restricted to "naturally occurring imbalances. There is another, unrestricted tournament, "The Toxic Open" that allows anything, including man-made, artificially mutated or recombined imbalances. but, that's a whole 'nother article.

In summary, what are the energetic implications of the avian flu? Nothing you don't already know.

At this point, it's fairly obvious that I'm an optimist. Who would dare say otherwise?

* For those of limited vocabulary, "relibumous" means "reliable but anonymous", as opposed to, "veribumous", which means verified but anonymous, or, "reverbumous", which means reliable and verified, but...anonymous.

** Class A-Natural is restricted to diseases occurring in nature without human technological intervention or assistance.

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