The Technology Of Healing:
An Interview With Stephen Lewis
In May of 2003, Stephen Lewis, founder of Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC (EMC²) was interviewed by Vermont-based economist and ecologist Susan Meeker-Lowry, author of "Economics As If the Earth Really Mattered" and "Invested in the Common Good."

Susan Meeker-Lowry: I'd like to start with some basic questions about The AIM Program and the process of energetic balancing. What are they and how do they work?

Stephen Lewis: AIM stands for "All-Inclusive Method". It is a spiritual technology, the purpose of which is to remove energetic imbalances which impede the flow of the life force. These imbalances exist in what we call the Energetic Matrix, or the higher self or true self. Participants' photographs are placed on the QID (the computerized Quantum-Consciousness Imprinting Device), which is referred to as being "on the tray". Subtle energy balancing frequencies are applied to the person's photo which are transmitted via the photo directly to the participant. The balancing energies are used by the participant's higher self to neutralize energetic imbalances.

SML: Tell me more about these frequencies.

SL: Everything is energy. You, me, trees, emotions, illnesses, everything. And everything vibrates at a unique frequency, including diseases. For every imbalance there is a frequency that will neutralize it. AIM delivers thousands of balancing frequencies for both physical and karmic (hereditary) energetic imbalances. It also delivers special activating frequencies that enable your higher self to select those frequencies you need, and ignore those you don't need. That is also true for enhancing frequencies that help increase your life force and ability to respond to energetic crises.

SML: You give the frequencies the names of illnesses, yet you don't actually cure illnesses?

SL: I have never been given so much opportunity for so many disclaimers in one sentence. I am truly blessed. First of all everything does have a frequency, including diseases. however, there is no acceptable proof that the frequency of the disease is actually the disease. In this country there are very specific laws about how diseases may be diagnosed. We use no acceptable diagnostic technique. We make no claims as to disease nor are we permitted to do so. On the other hand, I believe we are the authority on energetic imbalances. If we find an energetic imbalance associated with a disease in units of consciousness, we say just that, you have that imbalance in your consciousness. As to your next politically incorrect statement, Susan, EMC² does not cure anything. In fact we don't heal anything either. What we do very simply is help YOU heal yourself. Of course, no one else can heal you but you. Our holographic technology simply forces you to focus on your healing without cessation.

SML: Like in Chinese medicine when they talk about the lung or kidney they aren't necessarily referring to the actual organ but to the energy associated with the organ that also includes emotions, tastes, sounds, and so on?

SL: That's one way of understanding it, yes, of course, traditional Chinese medicine is based entirely on energy, which they call qi. I think it is more appropriate for me to speak in English, which is my native tongue.

SML: How do the subtle energy forces differ from say Reiki or flower essences or homeopathy, which also work on that vibratory level?

SL: Subtle energy forces are frequencies measured in levels of consciousness. That's my contribution. This revelation of mine is my contribution. Using photographs -- that has been done long before me. Measuring energy in units of consciousness is not done in either Reiki or homeopathy, even though they are energetic disciplines, and are valuable. I believe measuring in units of consciousness is the most direct energetic methodology existent, other than perhaps the power of prayer in healing.

SML: Why do you use a photo?

SL: Photos are easier to identify and easier to store than blood, spit or hair. Are you familiar with holograms?

SML: They're three dimensional pictures and any piece of the hologram contains the whole?

SL: Right. The holographic principle is a concept in physics. If you read the works of David Bohm, Niels Bohr and other physicists they say that the universe is actually a three-dimensional projection no more real than a hologram, and that everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected. Thus anything that is unique to you, including your photograph, contains all existing information about you at any level. I could use hair or spit or blood or a tooth, but photos are easier to work with, and less invasive. They are also a clear indication of the hologram being energetic. Obviously, there is DNA in blood or any other physical part of you, and there is no DNA in your photo. and yet, your photo is every bit as effective, holographically, as your blood or, for that matter, your entire body. The hologram is about energy, not about DNA. Energy is a wave. What gives that energy particulate status, form, matter, is consciousness.

You know, if I do an energetic evaluation on a photo of Yogananda, I find his Life Force to be zero, but, I find his consciousness level to be the level of enlightenment. If, on the other hand, I evaluate a drawing of him, his consciousness level is zero. His photo is his hologram. His drawing is not. That's why I can't do an energetic evaluation on pictures of Jesus Christ or Bhudda.

So it seems that the indigenous people who won't let their picture be taken because they believe it will steal their soul were on to something.

These so-called primitive people understand the holographic principle. And, most importantly, they live it. They can't do the math but so what? There's a good chance that I'm a far better mathematician than either Christ or Buddha but that has nothing to do with anything. Christ and Buddha had quantum consciousness. Their hologram encompassed the entire universe. That's why Buddha could speak of being in the oneness. That's why Christ could say, "What you do to the least of mine you do to me". Because they felt the connection they have with all things and all people. I must take it on faith because I'm still a work in process as are most of us. As an aside, I think it is worth noting that the holographic principle is a contemporary name give to a spiritual reality that is fundamental and basic to human consciousness. As such, it provides an indestructible link between science and spirituality. To me, the hologram is our path to the God particle.

SML: EMC² stands for The Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness. Why do you consider it a religion?

SL: It's a religion in that we have core beliefs that define, in a spiritual sense, the structure of consciousness, nature and the universe. In other words, the way the world works. The name reflects our belief in the spiritual implications of Einstein's equation, E=mc². And, it confirms that consciousness is essentially spiritual. Our doctrine includes the belief that if individuals are able to change their level of consciousness, which involves a spiritual changing of their energetic matrix, they are able to heal themselves. Also, we must make a distinction between diagnosing and treating and hopefully curing, which are in the bailiwicks of medicine, and healing, which is proprietary to spirituality. Whether it's an organized spirituality or not doesn't matter. Because what we do is in the realm of healing, as opposed to the realm of curing, it must have a designation that indicates that distinction. Treating and curing proceed from the outside, in. Healing begins at that deep, dark, dense mass that is within us and brings it to the outside, to the light...of consciousness.

Let me describe something for you. If you were ever able to watch the time-lapse photography of someone healing a malignant tumor, you would know, without a doubt, that you were watching a religious experience. You would see this dark, compressed mass, characterized, above all, by its density. It has a density that makes you understand the word, malignant. You would watch it being brought to the surface, to the consciousness. Watching this time-lapse, at first, you might say, "oh my God, It's growing!!" But, as you looked more closely, you'd see that, yes, it was larger, but, not because it was growing. It was losing its density. It was becoming benign, and, as it lost its impenetrable density, it became resolvable and open. You would watch it lose the power it had gained from its diet of secrecy, darkness, fear, and shame. You would understand the horrific monster that had been created by a need to keep an emotion repressed, and you'd understand the prison that was created by the futile efforts to keep it confined. Finally, as it ceases to exist, you'd understand the wisdom and compassion of the man who said, "and the truth shall set you free." There is no end to your capacity to heal. There is no end to the hologram, There is no end to consciousness.

So, having made a short story long, we are a church. But, we are a church without dogma. We have doctrine, but no dos and don'ts. We don't recruit. We don't control our congregants. And, most importantly, we do not try to convince anyone of anything, or control anyone. We simply deliver a message. You get it or you don't. We are a church of messengers. We are also a church that accepts all other churches that believe in the unifying and healing spirituality of Consciousness, without regard for what name is given to that consciousness.

SML: And you administer what you call the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing.

SL: Yes. Energetic Balancing is The AIM Program. We call it a sacrament because it is healing. You must give it homage for its spiritual essence and roots. We do only one thing. We do the ritual of The AIM Program which helps you heal yourself. That's all we do. And that's enough.

SML: I was raised a Catholic, so when I read your literature about the sacrament of energy balancing it just pushed those old buttons.

SL: Well, Susan not all Sacraments are created equal, nor, for that matter, are all buttons. Our sacrament helps you heal yourself. Hopefully that will push the right button in you. I make this point constantly, because I think it is worth repeating: technology must serve spirituality. In no instance is this more valid than in the holographic technology of EMC². A sacrament may be defined as an act which is an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual divine grace. There is probably no better word to describe The AIM Program. It promotes healing, which is spiritual, and so it is a sacrament.

SML: You said you were guided to discover AIM. How?

SL: I've been fascinated by energy all my life. I've studied Oriental medicine, philosophy, and religion which are based entirely on energy. In fact, among my degrees, are those in acupuncture and homeopathy and I knew, intuitively, that if everything is energy, then anything can be changed. I also understood that consciousness creates the way we live, our well-being, our ill-being, etc. And so, I realized that to implement and use this knowledge, I'd have to find a method of measuring life in units of consciousness. That was my goal, that was my vision, and eventually it was my revelation. And the revelation came to me, I believe, because of that prolonged, sustained vision. I think that's the link between vision and revelation.

SML: Was this a process of many years?

SL:Oh absolutely. It still is. The book, Sanctuary, is just a coalescence of things, "thus far." The vision was the basis, the revelation is the continuing fruition. I take no credit for this revelation of how to measure life in units of consciousness. It came from a higher source. Once I understood it, I understood the infinite possibility of change. I understood that consciousness creates your ill-being or well-being.

The best examples are the studies of people with multiple personality disorders (MPD). Take something as concrete as diabetes. It's sugar in the blood. It's material stuff. Now when these people who have MPD shift personalities, in an instant, not in the 120 days it takes to make red blood cells, they are no longer diabetic. This has been documented countless times. The diabetes was created by a particular consciousness, and once that was no longer present the manifestation of diabetes disappeared. Then when they went back to the first personality, immediately, the blood was diabetic again. The second personality may have had hemorrhoids, but that's a different personality's problem. Think about that for a second.

SML: But you have the same physical matter sitting in front of you.

SL: Well, it is to our weakened perceptive abilities. It's totally different energetically. Wasn't it Blake who said "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." I hope it was Blake who said that since we quoted him in our book. We are just looking at the shell. And this is true of everything we call disease. Now, once I understood what was possible, I also understood that it had to be removed from the theoretical laboratories of scientists. It had to come out of the ivory towers and into everyday life.

SML: So you wanted to take this reality and do something useful with it for healing.

SL: Well, the point is, if consciousness creates our life as we live it , consciousness is indistinguishable from spirituality... and from healing. Understanding this provides some insight into the increase in books like The God Particle, or The Seat of the Soul by quantum physicists. Because all of a sudden they understand that spirituality is the life blood and the form of quantum mechanics and physics.

SML: How would you define healing?

SL: Healing is the process of using your consciousness and elevating it to remove imbalances that are created by a lower level of consciousness. That lower level of consciousness was inevitably created by the manifestation of a failure, a failure of the courage required to feel something emotionally painful. That's the basis of why only you can heal yourself. No healer can heal you. That doesn't change the fact that healers are the most important people in our lives. But, they don't heal anyone. In fact, my assistant believes they should be called consciousness connectors.

SML: They make it possible for me to heal myself.

SL: Yes. By elevating your consciousness.

SML: Does that have anything to do with karma, either good or bad?

SL: Well, Susan, the only good karma is a dead karma, to coin a phrase. Let me give you an image that makes it slightly less cryptic.. I see karma as a crate full of rocks that you drag around by means of a rope which is wrapped around your throat. Each rock is an unresolved emotional issue. As you resolve an issue, a rock is removed from your crate. Would you like to have a second crate you drag around full of trophies celebrating each rock you've removed?

SML: You don't make it sound very tempting.

SL: It isn't. That's why I don't believe in good karma. I believe in good deeds and bad karma. No trophies. Sad but true, at least on the personal level.

SML: Is it different at other levels?

SL: Yes, at the collective level something very similar to karma exists, and it is the cause of our being forced to our choice point. I believe it's mandatory that the technology of a culture be in the service of, and be subordinate to the spirituality of that culture. Otherwise, technology becomes a heartless, soulless cannibal. If you allow that to happen, you've got to be an idiot to not be concerned about becoming the next meal. It's tantamount to introducing Frankenstein to your extended family. We, humanity, are an interdependent trinity. If our brain is not mitigated by our heart and our soul, it has no checks and balances to prevent it from creating eventual and catastrophic destruction in its pursuit of relatively instant and temporary gratification. Unfortunately, that is precisely what we have allowed to happen. We have permitted, even encouraged, blind, greedy, irresponsible technology for hundreds of years now, culminating, by the end of the twentieth century, in the creation of an energetic imbalance so monumental that it cannot be dealt with, technologically. It can only be transcended by applied spirituality and consciousness. That is our collective karma, and is the message of this millennium. The only solution to this problem is to have our technology become subordinate and begin to serve our spirituality. Then, ironically enough, virtue will indeed become its own reward, because the highest law is natural law, which is spirituality...which is consciousness...which is the Law of God.

We, humanity, used to know that, then, somehow, we've forgotten it. Well, we had better "remember-up," fast.

SML: Exactly what did happen?

SL: You can read about the specifics in the epilogues of, Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness. They are also on our web-site,

SML: You talk about something called the choice point. What do you mean by that?

SL: In physics there is no time and space so you can jump back and forth from one parallel reality into another, up to a point where you have to chose one and that's where you're going to be. That's called the choice point. A choice point will always occur when we have something that is known as a condensate. Right now we are on the edge of the greatest condensate in the history of humanity. It's like the opening line of A Tale of Two Cities.

SML: It was the best of times and the worst of times.

SL: Exactly.

SML: Does this have anything to do with the idea of two things occupying the same space and at some point...

SL: That is what a condensate is. To understand it you must question what makes humans evolve . The answer is, we evolve when there is no other possible choice that will support life. Even then, most chose to not evolve. If you listen, you can hear them all chanting, "I am not moving," or "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" or "If it was good enough for the Flintstones, it's good enough for me." Remember, the choice is not one from column A and one from column B. The choice is sink or swim. Live or die. That's what the choice point always is. And people chose one or the other. The condensate occurs because the old way is broken. It will no longer work. And in a rare moment of nobility it creates a new paradigm that will work.

SML: Are we at that point now?

SL: Are we ever!! Remember, time is not linear. Furthermore, I fully believe that whatever happens is inevitable , and is as it should be, because the universe is in order. Even if Chicken Little was accurate, he should have been told, "Not to worry. If the sky is falling, then that's what it is supposed to do." The difficulty for us is being able to perceive that order, and our role within it. That perception may require a panorama that includes the entire universe and extends through at least four dimensions. In other words, to clearly perceive the inherent order in apparent chaos may require quantum consciousness, otherwise, the master plan may be revealed only in finality, whenever that is. Let me give you an example: were the dinosaurs always destined to be fossil-fuel, or rather, as we're coming to suspect, is fossil-fuel itself just a minor, destructive, catalytic digression in our evolution to higher consciousness? Were they destined to be expendable? Am I? Are we?

SML: What do you think?

SL: I don't know. I'm a work-in-process. You need to ask an ascendant master. Actually, the question gets even stickier, because it is your level of consciousness that creates your reality, or perhaps your lack of one. If we go back to those dinosaurs, I believe, at the dawn of the Ice Age, they were presented with a collective choice. At some level they got the message, "We're fixin' to have a cold snap here. Any of you want to grow a little more hair? Maybe, get that swampy stuff out of your diet?" If we look back we can see that some species thrived during the Ice Age, but, the dinosaurs chose to not evolve. Now, all they've got left is Barney. We are facing the same choice now. And, in fact, for us there is an added dimension. Because our brains seem to have evolved to an extent that has crowded-out our spirituality, we need to find the place in us that knows the proper choice, rather than the place that reasons or thinks it out. It's enough to drive a man to drink, or make him swear off it. Which ever is more appropriate.

So, Susan, we are at that choice point, but, there is a critical difference between us and lemmings. We are more dependent on our personal consciousness than our collective consciousness. We are primarily individuals. That means each of us must confront his own choice point and not wait for the fantasy of "safety in numbers." I believe it will be the best and the worst because it is a shift into a higher consciousness. That kind of a shift is never free, simply because many resist a higher consciousness. That is the choice, and everything is destiny.

SML: It seems that what you're doing is talking on at least two levels. The personal level of individuals healing themselves, and you're also talking about society, culture, humanity, and that larger realm of reality.

SL: That's absolutely correct. There's even a theory that addresses that. It's called the Hundredth Monkey Theory. You and I are two monkeys. When the proverbial hundredth monkey realizes it and learns it, it will become the way of life for all of us, those remaining, anyway. That's why your child is so comfortable with a skateboard or a computer. That's the Hundredth Monkey Theory, applied. Of course, a monkey who doesn't learn how to solve a puzzle can still be perfectly happy with his banana. A monkey who doesn't learn how to heal himself may have other issues. Are you a monkey or a dinosaur? It's your choice.

SML: Do you have any time frame for this?

SL: Well, whatever time frame I've had in the past has been wrong. I was far too conservative. I thought it would take longer. But, again, time is not linear and it's accelerating at a rate that is remarkable. Here's an example of what I mean: I've measured what I call life force (others call it qi or prana) for many years. About 7 1/2 years ago the average life force in this country and most countries was in the 90s -- 91, 92. That was average. By three and a half years ago, the average had dropped to the high 60's, 70, 71. Right now, the average life force in the country is between 1 and 2 and dropping.

SML: That's frightening.

SL: Well, it isn't if you're not listening. That's the basis for the "ignorance is bliss" theory. One must choose to either strive for an all-encompassing, quantum hologram, or resolve to never peek outside of his current little one. I , personally, think it's obvious that a short-sighted perspective is ultimately doomed to failure. With holograms, size is everything.

But I don't know that I feel any different today than I did three or seven years ago. So how does that translate into how one feels?

That is because it is not the fall that gets you, it's the sudden stop. I invite you to consider someone who jumps off a hundred story building who, as he passes each floor says, "so far so good." That's why you have to learn how to interpret the media. For instance, yesterday I was looking at an article in the LA Times about Erin Brockavitch who is part of a lawsuit against Beverly Hills High School. The school is being sued because the rates of lymphoma and thyroid cancer there are 20 times the national average. Studies have shown the same is true for breast cancer in Marin County and in Westchester, NY. These are three of the most affluent areas in the country -- Beverly Hills, Marin County, and Westchester, NY. But here's what the media did. They quoted a preventative disease doctor from USC who said, "Wealthy people with few siblings are at a higher risk of getting Hodgkin's disease." But money doesn't cause cancer. Any moron knows that. It's not about money. It's about the fact that rich people are studied and examined and tested more. The rate of cancer they discovered in those wealthy communities is actually the average. Anyone who doesn't understand that is encouraged to send me their money in the hope of minimizing their cancer risk.

SML: It does seem as though cancer has become an epidemic. My mother died of cancer. She was 53.

SL: It's monumental. Heart disease. Asthma. Diabetes. When you have a hereditary imbalance, perhaps I should say, when you've chosen a hereditary imbalance, one of three things will happen. Either it will become an active imbalance in you or you will heal it, resolving its karmic issues, so there is nothing there to become active. Of course, you may succumb to something else that's stronger before the weaker hereditary imbalance becomes active. It is my observation that, in nature, hereditary imbalances do not become active imbalances until one becomes relatively old. So, consequently, I now measure biological age, not just life force. Your biological age is how old you would have to be for your hereditary imbalances to be as active as they are. Not potential, but active. What's happening now is you can have a child of ten who has a biological age of 95. We have created a state where nature is no longer the most relevant factor in human well-being.

SML: What do you mean by that?

SL: You don't have to be chronologically old for these things to happen. And yet we have created a paradigm wherein we can remove every hereditary imbalance we have because fundamentally, all they are emotional issues that we chose not to deal with consciously. We've buried them inside so they have become dense and compacted and then they manifest ultimately in a physical manner.

Here's an interesting story about my friend Michael Beckwith. Michael founded a large church in Los Angeles called Agape, which is the Greek word for unconditional love. Early on in our relationship, about four years ago, he brought in holograms of all the children in his family. Now you understand, for me, that means he brought in their pictures. The first picture was of his nephew. I said, "Well, Michael this child has the frequency of both hereditary and active cancer." Michael asked where it came from. I looked to see from which parent, which seemed reasonable. He said, "Steve, don't be so linear." Now, I have to tell you it is not nice to call a subtle energy physicist linear. If you want to call me some other name, it's been done, but linear, I don't think so. Anyway, he said, "I know my family but I also know that every single thing that my nephew inherited, he chose. He chose his parents and he chose every aspect of his parents in terms of what he has to deal with." He said, "I want to know why my nephew chose hereditary cancer." Now that's a different question. So I looked and saw that it was unresolved, unconscious, past life bitterness. I was still n a snit because he called me linear so I said, "Well, what a weird kid. He's six years old and he's already bitter. I don't think I was bitter until I was at least seven or eight." Then, we looked at more people with the frequency of hereditary cancer and every single one was caused by unconscious, unresolved, past life bitterness. So anyway Michael's next question was, can we find a frequency that will force this malignancy/bitterness frequency up into the highest possible state of consciousness?

SML: So the child would be aware of it?

SL: Exactly. We found a frequency that would work on anyone with that particular emotional imbalance, we put it on The AIM Program, linked with the frequency of malignancy. That caused everyone who needed it to select that frequency. After about two weeks, the phones started ringing off the hook and people all asked the same question, "Why do I feel so bitter?" They all got the same answer. "You feel so bitter because you are so bitter, and now you know it. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?" None of them acknowledged the beauty, but the point is, a few weeks later when I checked these people, there was no sign of bitterness. It changed the speed of the healing dramatically.

SML: And it worked for everyone whose photos were in the tray?

SL: Yes. If they needed it they selected it.

SML: Was it a conscious selection?

SL: Well, what's conscious? As far as I'm concerned, it's conscious. Of course, as far as I'm concerned, everything is conscious.

SML: They may not have been aware of it in their thought process, but it was conscious at a different level?

SL: Exactly. And we did the same with every disease that was hereditary in terms of what created it and linked them together. All these emotions, like the bitterness of MS, the inflexibility of rheumatoid arthritis were already on AIM but they weren't linked to the disease frequency. Linking them together made the disease frequency heal infinitely faster, eclipsing every record. Consequently, what we're calling disease is the most distant manifestation of what creates the problem. And you can force it into consciousness. Consciousness then, is what you use to heal yourself.

SML: My mother died of cancer. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I have hereditary cancer.

SL: No. You pick and chose from each parent. Whether you have that hereditary frequency or not I don't know. However 92 percent of people have the frequency of hereditary cancer.

SML: Is that higher now than say, 20 years ago?

SL: No, it's the same. What's changed is the rate at which it is becoming an active frequency.

SML: Is it because of the toxins in the environment or emotional stuff or...

SL: It's because they all have an immune deficiency that was acquired 7? years ago. You can read about it in Epilogue II of Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. The Epilogues are also on our website www. This immune deficiency frequency is just a part of what has forced us into our choice point.

SML: That's another good question. What is the problem with the world right now?

SL: Some people would say, "Well, there's this war we're in." And irrespective of whether you think it's justified or not, there is this war. But it's a symptom. Others are going to say, there are these plagues. And they're right, of course, but they're symptoms.

SML: For me it would be the environment.

SL: And that's also a symptom. The problem is always going to be the cause. And the cause, very simply, is we have, for hundreds of years now, worshiped technology that is not beholden to anything and is not responsible to anything. It's technology for technology's sake. If you can do it, do it. But technology must serve spirituality. It must serve spiritual values. And by spiritual, I do not mean going to church every day. If you want to, do it. That's not the point. The point is you don't create something that destroys the planet you live on. That is part of your inherent spirituality. It's a spirituality that is evident in Native Americans, in fact in most indigenous cultures. You don't create things that are destructive and out of control because that violates our spiritual code. And you don't do it and then hire yourself a spin doctor to explain to people why it's good for them.

SML: They do that all the time, don't they? With everything.

SL:Any child growing up in our society should consider being a spin doctor, rather than an MD. It pays better, it's far more creative, and you do whatever you want. So , that is what this paradigm is: Technology has got to serve spirituality. At every level it's painfully obvious. Do you have any sons?

SML: I have three.

SL: If one of them had a fight with a kid at school and got a black eye, would you deem it a tragedy?

SML: No.

SL: Right. But the second you include a weapon in the equation, the potential for tragedy is monumentally increased. Imagine the consequences if those weapons are capable of mass destruction? Our technology is greater than it's ever been so the consequences are greater than they've ever been. It's the best of times and the worst of times.

SML: What can we do?

SL: Well my function right now is to deliver a message: It's your choice. It's still your choice point. If your children are minors you can put them on the tray. Also, you may choose for your pets. But, if they are adults, you can't do it. They have a choice point of their own and they must make it. People have the right to their own choice. The fact that you or I disagree with their choice doesn't make it wrong for them. And, there is no doubt in my mind the choice may be inconvenient, perhaps painful. I also know many will not choose to change and thereby continue. When I speak publicly I focus primarily on the positive aspect: This is the beginning of a massive increase in consciousness to the point where ultimately we won't need the catalyst of a computer or a practitioner or a healer to heal ourselves. We'll be conscious enough that we won't need a wake up call saying, "Hey dummy! Quick you better do something to heal yourself!"

SML: You believe that's the direction we're heading?

SL: I believe it's inevitable, yes. When is it coming to pass? Who knows. But again, changes are occurring at almost warp speed and people are becoming increasingly uncomfortable, and rightfully so. In the past wealthy people could count on buying their way out. But that's no longer the case. This choice point is an equalizer. And the government doesn't know what to do, either. They're afraid to tell the truth and consequently there are all these spin doctors creating major headlines about almost anything except what's really going on.

Since 9/11 it seems there's always something to be freaked out about. Terrorism and bioterrorism, the possibility of more wars. It's constant. What kind of an impact is that having on people?

SML: It seems to be a variation on Andy Warhol's prediction. "Everyone and everything will be famous for fifteen minutes." I think the net effect is to make people jaded. It's actually an effective method for avoiding the real truth...which would be cataclysmic. When an individual becomes conscious and heals himself...

SL: It becomes a work in progress.

SML: But once someone has the experience of it happening, I would think it would carry into other aspects of their lives.

SL: It usually does.

SML: And so they're changed.

SL: Yes, and the changes continue.

SML: Is that like the hundredth monkey -- enough people have the experience and then it becomes something that more of us get?

SL: Exactly. And it is happening. The public is perceiving things they've never perceived before. In Marin County I can say anything, and that's been true for years. But now I can say the same things to folks in central Georgia, Florida, Alabama. Five years ago I would have been tarred and feathered. Now they're asking, "What took you so long to get here? We've been waitin' on you."

It's interesting. When I told some folks here that I was interviewing you, people would ask, "Oh, did he write that book, Sanctuary?" A lot of people have already heard about you, even here in Maine.

SML: Isn't that remarkable? I thought so.

SL: It's taking on a life of its own.

SML: What about resistance? I spoke with a woman, a friend of a friend, who was on the tray for a year to overcome emotional issues around losing weight. She told me that when she was on the tray she felt as though she had drunken too much coffee. What is your response to that?

SL: I don't know what her issues were, but she was obviously forcing herself to confront them. Again, maybe there are imbalances that have been discovered since then that are hereditary in her that's the core of her problem, and she hasn't detoxed yet. I don't know who she is so I can't reply specifically. What you must remember is that these things are unconscious because you don't want to deal with them. They make you uncomfortable. I have no objection to running away from pain and discomfort if I can leave it behind me. But there's no point in running from a problem I take with me. Whatever this woman was dealing with, she was in the process of bringing it into consciousness. How many layers remain? Only she knows.

SML: It sounds to me like she focused on the discomfort rather than moving through the discomfort.

SL: Precisely. If you focus on the positive aspect of the change you understand that basically it is a miraculous moment. It's what you're here for. One of the most common questions people ask is, if we heal ourselves, who needs you?

SML: Yeah, I was going to ask you that.

SL: The answer is, nobody needs The AIM Program or me or a Reiki practitioner, or anyone else to heal himself. But, that knowledge is all too often irrelevant. The question is the wrong question. The appropriate question is not, "can you heal yourself." Of course you can. The question is, "will you heal yourself?" Now when you think about that you can understand the value of a spiritual technology, because you said there's just too much to do, too much this, too much that. Well, you know what? Where do you live?

SML: In Maine.

SL: I don't know what your life is like in Maine but I imagine your life is pretty busy. I can assure you of this: you won't have much of a life in Santa Monica and you're on The AIM Program. You do nothing but focus, 24/7 on every imbalance and balancing frequency. That's all you do. And that is why I'm confident you will heal yourself on The AIM Program. You never take a break. If you are told you need to meditate or focus on healing 18 hours a day, are you going to say "I'll give you three, I've got a job...?" You can't negotiate with God, which is what you'd be attempting to do. If it takes 18, it takes 18. Now I know that you'll give 18 hours and another 6 in Santa Monica, because you have no choice.

SML: But when someone's photo is on the tray, they're still going about their daily life wherever. They aren't giving 18 hours a day.

SL: Correct, they're giving 24. That's the value of the spiritual technology of the hologram.

SML: What is the process like? You're going about your life and your photo is on the tray, 24/7, as you said. What can someone expect?

SL: There's no one answer. It's different for each person. What you experience will depend on the imbalances you have, your life force, your intention, your karma. Some people, like your friend's friend, will experience discomfort, which we refer to as "energetic detox," as energetic imbalances that were unconscious come to the surface. How long will it take? Again, that depends on each person. Energetic imbalances are layered, like an onion. As the outer, more recent layers peel off, the deeper levels are exposed. In general though, you will feel yourself healing. You will feel yourself detoxing. You will feel within you and you will respond. Linda Gray said she could "feel them coming and feel them going." What was she talking about? The frequencies.

SML: In other words, you can be going about your daily life and then just feel something?

SL: Absolutely.

SML: In other words, you can be going about your daily life and then just feel something?

SL: That's right. There are exceptions to that. You can put your minor child or a pet on. And, obviously, if you have power of attorney for someone, you may use it.

SML: I understand that you have facilitators around the country who work with AIM. What is their role?

SL: Facilitators are ministers of EMC². They help with the application process and provide ongoing support to participants. They also host Share Groups which give participants the opportunity to share their experiences with others also on the tray. They are there to give energetic advice, and to act as a conduit to EMC². but, they are specifically prohibited from giving medical advice in their capacity as an EMC² facilitator. If someone seeks medical advice, he should consult his qualified, licensed health professional.

SML: But the QED is just in one place.

SL: Yes. It's here in Santa Monica. I don't want this program to be accessible to anyone.

SML: What happens when you die?

SL: You'll have to ask me then. (Laughs). But really, I think we're changing the ground rules. I think most people die as a manifestation of what is hereditary that has become active. Call it diabetes, call it cancer, call it what you will. We are now entering the most important phase of our evolution wherein we heal these imbalances and that which caused them. We're entering a different level of consciousness.

SML: So we would be doing it on our own?

SL: Ultimately, yes. Right now, help is needed. But this is the beginning of a level of consciousness that's totally different. As opposed to killing disease from the outside, in, it is healing, from the inside, out.

SML: Does disease itself have consciousness?

SL: You bet.

SML: And does it have a will? When people talk about visualizing healing it kind of gives the disease, let's say cancer, almost a personality and a will of its own.

SL: That is absolutely correct. I see it, feel it, and deal with it as such.

SML: And if it's hereditary but not manifested physically, the consciousness of it is there as well, only on a very subtle level?

SL: Exactly. It's there. It's all a progression. Even when it becomes active energetically it may not be identifiable until it feels it's so strong nothing can possibly resist it. And it will hide until it's active.

SML: When I was about 6 they tested me for TB and if I got a rash it indicated I needed chest x-rays. Mine came back positive. I imagine I got the x-rays and obviously I didn't have TB.

SL:You said you've had a weight problem your whole life.

SML: Yes.

SL: Hold on a second. (pause). Now just using the frequency of your voice I did a quick test. Your weight problem came from a hereditary imbalance that is the cause of diabetes. And that came from your father, who no doubt had the same problem.

SLM: Yes, actually.

SL: I know, because your voice is you. It's your hologram. Just to give you an example of this, I can intuitively read that it came from your father and that the primary hereditary imbalance that causes the frequency of diabetes is a hereditary type of TB frequency. Perhaps that is relevant your positive TB test.

SML: Interesting.

SL: That came from your father. (long pause) And, now that I've heard your voice, you did chose your mother's frequency also. I know it is true in the colon anyway.

SML: That's where her cancer started.

SL: Yes, I know. So now you understand a little bit more about how real this is.

SML: One thing you write about towards the end of Sanctuary is the number of imbalances out there that you can just pick up keeps on increasing. You find new ones all the time. Does that mean that someone needs to be on the tray all the time? Or that once they come off the tray they can deal with things better?

SL: The question is more complex than you think. Every morning when I get up I check someone in LA, someone in NY, someone in London to see what's in the air, because if there's something new not in The AIM Program I have to figure out its frequency and get it on there right away. So, if I look to see what was in LA this morning, I can identify, aside from the naturally occurring frequencies, a number that are man made, and cannot occur in nature. For me, the greatest benefit of The AIM Program begins after the gross acquired and hereditary imbalances are gone. It is then that one's consciousness level begins to skyrocket. Quantum consciousness is our goal, as well as our destiny.

SML: I wanted to ask you about SARS.

SL: That's an interesting story. Until recently EMC² had been unable to comment on the spiritual energetic characteristics of SARS because we didn't have a definitive photo of a SARS sufferer to evaluate. But, in late March several photos of the SARS cell became available on the internet. After they were evaluated energetically, the frequency was found to be one that was first identified earlier in the year. It was added to The AIM Program at that time, but it wasn't until we saw the pictures that we were able to confirm it was the same frequency.

SML: You get that information every morning and then...

SL: If any frequencies show up that aren't on The AIM Program, I put the balancing frequencies on that day.

SML: Are you saying there are people putting these biological weapons in our environment? Even though there's total denial, politically?

SL: Of course. Everyone knows it, too. But, be realistic. How could there be anything but total denial. Who would admit it?

SML: What about the Earth. Can you use the AIM process to correct imbalances in the Earth or in a particular place?

SL: Could I take some water from the ocean and detoxify the entire Pacific Ocean? No, not with this technology. There are limitations as to the size of subjects receiving balancing frequencies. I couldn't even accommodate a small town, let alone the Earth. Can it be done? Perhaps, I don't know.

SML: So it's people and animals.

SL: Yes. Although some people have put their house on the tray. I can't measure anything so I don't know but, they tell me subjectively that it's fantastic for them and their families. I tell them, "I'm glad you feel that way." I can't measure the energy of a house. At least not with this technology.

SML: Do you suppose you could focus on healing the Earth now? It would be cool to clean up the rivers and get the poisons out of the soil.

SL: Well, that's about technology serving spirituality. That's still the lynch pin of all this. Our values must change for us and our planet to prosper and survive. Just remember, it begins with you.

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