Sacred Ground
EMC² Bringing Healing Energy to the City of the Future
In May of 2005, after a long search for new facilities, EMC² moved from Santa Monica, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, we've received many questions about the move. There are several reasons why we chose Las Vegas as the new headquarters for EMC².

First, Las Vegas is a forward-looking city of the future. It is a national melting pot of cultures where individuals from all over the world can make their home and feel welcome. Much like our organization, our Energetic Ministry is open to all cultures, all religions, all people from all walks of life. The AIM Program is available to everyone. Healing is not proprietary to any race, color, church or religion. We feel this relocation to Las Vegas is very much in synch with EMC² as a forward-looking spiritual organization.

Second, from a subtle-energy perspective we have determined that as major US cities go, Las Vegas provides a relatively benign subtle-energy environment. This means that we generally do not find as many negative subtle-energy frequencies in the Las Vegas area as we found in other major cities in the US.

Third, we believe that Las Vegas is best suited to handle the growth of our organization. As interest in our AIM Energetic Balancing program grows, we will be able to locate larger facilities and find the labor force necessary to continue our operation.

A fourth benefit we have discovered has been an increase in visits to our facility. The Las Vegas International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. We have been blessed with visits from our AIM participants from all over the world. Last week a couple from Canada drove in ontheir motorcycle for a quick tray tour and two other families were here on vacation from the east coast and Midwest and made time to see their photo on the trays.*

From an energetic perspective, the prosperity of Las Vegas is an indication that the chi of the land is very strong and nurtures human activity. How each individual chooses to use that nurturing is a separate issue. Traditionally personal freedoms have been valued highly in the western United States, perhaps nowhere more than Las Vegas. This creates opportunity to exercise one's self-responsibility in the various life choices one makes. As most of you know, self-responsibility is a tenet of the beliefs of EMC². Thus we see the opportunity to be self-responsible as a positive thing.

In addition, those who don't live in Las Vegas often don't realize that most locals aren't immersed in the casino scene and don't go to the Strip every night. EMC² is currently located about three miles from the Strip. Due to heavy traffic at the Strip, if for no other reason, we generally avoid the area.

We know the move was a hard transition for many. Our move delayed some special Life Force rechecks and regular Life Force rechecks and we apologize for any inconvenience. We are happy to report that we are caught up on all rechecks and so if you are new on The AIM Program, you can plan on an initial life force check and two rechecks your first year. If you are in your second year or longer, we will provide one Life Force check per year. Most importantly, by participating in The AIM Program you are receiving the spiritual energy provided by The AIM Program 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are constantly checking for new airborne frequencies and adding those to the tray.

Since moving, we have been the busiest in our history. Our Autism Frequency scholarship program has helped more than 100 adults and children take great strides in their development. We are equally excited to have launched our Downs Syndrome Frequency Scholarship—making The AIM Program free of charge to any adult or child with Downs Syndrome.

The AIM Program has now been experienced by well over 30,000 people worldwide. Indeed, our future has never looked more promising. You may have heard the catch slogan, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well we hope to rewrite that, and it is our hope that what happens at EMC² in Vegas won't stay in Las Vegas. The AIM Program and Stephen Lewis will be featured in the August issue of Science of Mind and we plan to keep traveling around the country to spread the message about Energetic Balancing. We want to thank each of you for making your energetic home with EMC² and we hope you will join us in celebrating EMC²'s new home in Nevada.

*EMC² provides tray tours to current participants with a scheduled appointment from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are going to be in the Las Vegas area and desire to schedule a visit, please call us at 1-702-944-1801 to make arrangements.

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