Further Developments in
Everything I Don't Know and Then Some
I seem to be learning either more and more about less and less or, less and less about more and more. Eventually, I'll probably know either everything about nothing or nothing about everything. Do you ever feel that way?

In the last few weeks two different frequencies have been revealed to me. Their numbers are absolutely different and they were found in separate people.

The first frequency, number 3118, is similar in its effect to the frequency of Syphilis of the eye. It was found in a child who has a syndrome known as Batten Disease, which invariably results in blindness and dementia. Its cause has been unknown. Let us pray that is no longer the case, at least on the subtle-energy level. The second frequency, number 3265, is similar to the frequency of oral Syphilis, certainly more comprehensible, etiologically, than Syphilis of the eye. Both disease frequencies are accompanied by extreme facial pain and damage.

What I have now discovered is that in every one of the dozens of people energetically evaluated, if one has one of these two imbalances hereditarily, he has both of them... hereditarily. (The exception to this is in a feline, known to us as Kate's Kat.) This is part of what baffles me... the idea of "two for one pizza" being applied to hereditary imbalances. What happened? Did an ancestor catch one and get the other at no charge?

They have other things in common: most importantly, they are both expected to be gone, actively and hereditarily within two weeks of this date. This places them among the hereditary frequencies which detox quickly... which is often perceived as violently. Also, they are almost impossible to find in AIM Participants who have not detoxed the more widely known, mainstream disease frequencies such as cancer, etc. Obviously, being hereditary, they are present. They just have the capacity to be invisible until such time as they, as conscious entities, deem it appropriate to reveal themselves. Hopefully their addition to the AIM Program will change that; but, it may not matter since they will not be detoxed until the mainstream, traditional, hereditary frequencies of diseases are gone. Am I describing the hierarchy of detoxification? Perhaps I have simply added it to the ever increasing list of what I don't know. To shed a little more darkness on this process, these imbalances were revealed by stripping away a frequency for which I can find no corresponding word in the English language. Will further "unknowns" be revealed and added to what I don't know, or is the opposite true?

It's also interesting to note and speculate about this: they are both similar to the frequencies of syphilis and might have been acquired at the same time. Were they? In fact, is the frequency of hereditary Syphilis a prerequisite for these frequencies, or vice versa? In short, somebody, some ancestor, went and caught these frequencies. Did one create a vulnerability for the other?

It is further interesting to observe that Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy and, in my opinion, one of the most brilliant and inspired men who ever lived, maintained that Syphilis is the most basic, fundamental and underlying human hereditary disease. The question is, was he actually perceiving these diseases as Syphilis? I suspect that may be the case because (A) I have found many hereditary energetic imbalances that are far "deeper" than Syphilis and (B) these imbalances are the deepest I have ever found and they, energetically, manifest in a manner similar to Syphilis. One can readily see how, in an age that preceded microscopic examination they could be mistaken for Syphilis. Perhaps it is just anecdotal to note that the reputed origin of Syphilis in humans is from socializing with sheep. I have heard of it. On the other hand, I have never heard of, nor can I imagine anyone foolhardy enough to attempt intercourse with a Kat, at least not anyone who expects to have intercourse again. Can you? I'd be interested in your feedback and experiences in regard to these questions.

This situation is not entirely unheard of. There are two known hereditary bacterial disease frequencies that are obviously separate, but always occur together... in humans, not in animals. They are Babesia Bovis and Bacillus Cereus. We know they are different because, when they manifest in the body, they are "Big" and can be observed, microscopically. What are they doing together in people? Do disease frequencies cohabitate or form alliances? Or, again, does having one create a vulnerability for another?

Let me summarize: every answer and revelation seems to give rise to more and more questions, which have become far more unanswered than before they were answered. Pretty soon we'll know nothing about everything. Know what I mean?

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