Change As Usual
There is an old Dylan song (that's Bob, not Jacob) that says, "to live outside the law, you must be honest." Well, those who are involved in this monumental spiritual revolution may not live outside the law, but we sure as hell live outside the mainstream... for now. We got there because we felt obligated to choose the path of truth, and of consciousness. We got there because we recognize that the spirit creates the flesh, just as the lack of spirit destroys it. We got there because we follow the path of our own power, which is the path of honesty.

Wow, that's a mouthful. Now, let's cut to the chase and to the point. From the inception of The AIM Program, we have made available 2 time periods for Energetic Balancing. Specifically, AIM has been available to Participants in 6 month increments. That is no longer the case. The AIM Program is, as of now, officially available for a minimum of one year.* Let me tell you why: in late July 2004, I was doing an energetic evaluation to determine the energetic imbalances associated with the physical manifestation of autism in a young girl who came to us on a Wayne Dyer Scholarship. I discovered the primary culprit was an hereditary (and active) energetic imbalance not in the database. As is our custom, we named that frequency after her. however, in the interest of confidentiality we identified that frequency numerically.

Well, we added the new frequency to our database and waited for it to be gone in the customary 3 to 4 months. And we waited... and we waited... and we waited. It took ten months for it to be gone in everyone who'd been "on" since its discovery. Even worse, "everyone" was a lot of people, with extraordinary consequences.

Aside from being a frequency in consciousness which we believe is significantly associated with the frequency of autism, this frequency appears to be equally energetically associated with most other brain imbalances, particularly dementia. Worst of all, this frequency appears to be present in 5% to 10% of the population. (Many of you, subjectively, reflecting on the extent of the dementia you have encountered would estimate this imbalance's prevalence to be at least 90% of the world. Understandable, but not the case. It just seems that way.)

Elsewhere in the body, this imbalance showed the frequency of "encapsulation," and those who had it were invariably manifesting something that was being diagnosed, medically, as malignancy. Is there a relationship? We believe that energetic imbalances will eventually manifest themselves in the physical, so, to us, it seems obvious that this frequency is an energetic scourge of mankind, in both the physical and emotional orbs.

One more bit of anecdotal information about this imbalance: it attempts to be undetectable in the consciousness, usually with great success. It is always hidden and masked until it is so energetically weakened (healed) that is within weeks of being gone.

In summary, goodbye to the six-month plan.* We are obviously unwilling to plan and schedule our failures.

There are two other hereditary imbalances as yet unresolved, one of which has been on AIM for more than 6 months. The first of these is just starting to "go," and I expect it to be "gone" within two weeks. It is an "8-monther," and while it doesn't have the extraordinary destructive impact of the first imbalance I mentioned, those detoxing it invariably complain of exceptional fatigue.

The last of the unresolved hereditary imbalances is also powerful and destructive. Fortunately, however, it is only present in canines, except for the people in whom I have found it. I expect it to be gone shortly.

Next, let's deal with the obvious implications of this policy change, bearing in mind that the primary purpose of rechecks is to seek and find imbalances in AIM recipients that are not being addressed, so that we may rectify the omissions and include the appropriate balancing frequencies. In so doing, we continue to help as many people in as many ways as is possible in their ongoing process of healing themselves and elevating their consciousness.

First of all, we will still do 5-month rechecks, but only for Life Force. If the Life Force is less than 100, however, we will try to determine the cause of the energetic deficiency. Please bear in mind this perceptual discrepency: one may have a life force of 100 and still be detoxing a major imbalance. This means that even though his energy is unobstructed, he will still be experiencing the stress and difficulty of detox, and in all probability he will still be complaining about it.

No doubt, you have, by now, wondered about the "*" . It means, simply, that any current AIM participant who is on a 6-month program will be offered an option to extend his energetic balancing for an additional 6 months. The reasoning is apparent and I know you can do the math.

Let us all join in the hope that there is never a need for a two year minimum for Energetic Balancing with The AIM Program, and appreciate that whatever changes are needed will always be made and be shared with you. We are all in this together.

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