A Day In The Life
A few weeks ago, the husband of an EMC² Facilitator died. I won't divulge his name out of respect for his and his wife's privacy. The official cause of his death was cancer. Now, I knew the man. I had spoken with him. I enjoyed dinner with him and his wife. As a matter of fact, while he was alive, I spent at least twenty or thirty hours trying to find the energetic frequency of cancer in his consciousness. I never found it… during his life. I received repeated reports about his health and well-being diminishing and so I kept looking, always without success. When I heard he had passed on, I looked again, hoping to find the energetic frequency that resonated as the cause of his demise. There it was. It was a cancerous energetic frequency in the orb of his liver that was unlike any other energetic frequency in our database. In fact, it was so different it was almost as if I was saying, "my cat gave birth today, and guess what she had? She had puppies!"

Here's the point: the moment the subtle-energy cancer frequency had completed its task it no longer had a reason to avoid revealing itself. It was absolutely obvious, both to the QED and to his consciousness. Of course, one's life force may be zero, but consciousness is eternal, and is accessable and measureable to our spiritual, holographic technology.

I decided that, since it had finally chosen to reveal itself, I would work backwards, in the hope of revealing each and every mask and method that it had used to hide and avoid coming into the light of consciousness. As each one was revealed, so too was the corresponding appropriate frequency to negate, unmask and invalidate it. This process was repeated one by one by one, until there were no other apparent energetic hiding places.

These methodologies were incorporated into our frequency evaluation technique and used to energetically evaluate others who, despite having no discernable imbalances, were doing poorly. As a result, four new subtle-energy cancer frequencies revealed themselves in consciousness. Furthermore, all of them were as aberrant and atypical as the frequency revealed in our Facilitator's husband. Fortunately, that did not matter. Once found, they all responded to Energetic Balancing. It became apparent that those in whom these frequencies are present are able to heal themselves. That's their job and they do it. Our job is to remind them to heal themselves.

Some of you may not perceive this as being of any good or value to the man who died, or his wife. I can understand that response. And yet, if you share EMC²'s perspective, he, like all of us, will be back. I simply don't believe that his service to others was wasted. Perhaps it's meager compensation, but I can't help believing that somehow he is aware of the lives he has helped and will continue to help. I know, personally, that he shared our belief that an imbalance in consciousness is both the precursor and the template for a subsequent imbalance in the material realm. I hope you will join me in being both saddened by his passing and our loss, and yet grateful for his help and contribution. We are all in this together, and our work is not completed. Not yours, not mine and not his.

Usually, after I speak publicly, there is a question and answer period. Some questions are profound, some provocative, others are ridiculous. Almost every time I speak I am asked, "Is The AIM Program finished?" I don't even know what finished means. Everything is conscious… you, me, imbalances, balancing frequencies, and The AIM Program itself. There is no such thing as finished. There is only more… consciousness. I wish you love and light.

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