Replace Fear with Courage
In order to be of the greatest benefit, enhancing frequencies must be consciously chosen. If you have an energetic imbalance, whether it is a frequency of MS, or cancer or a toenail fungus, as an AIM participant, your higher self will automatically select the balancing energies you need to help you self-heal as a matter of basic instinct or survival. But there is no automatic selection in regard to the AIM enhancing frequencies; they are "voluntary" in that they must be consciously chosen by you, and they will be chosen by you if it is your intention to raise consciousness, to become increasingly aware of your connection to everyone and everything. This voluntary selection does not require that you know what all of these enhancing frequencies are - there are hundreds of them, and you quite naturally may more fully tap in to certain ones at certain times and not so much at other times.

Enhancing frequency – replace fear with courage.

I have found that every person has a unique gift to give to the world. My friend Wayne Dyer is an incredible speaker and author; he has found his gift. My gift is not identical to Wayne's, my gift is working and identifying frequencies in units of consciousness. It would be foolish for me to try to be just like Wayne or Wayne to be just like me. Our talents are unique to each of us, and yet by working together, we can create an amazing synergy.

Your quest is to discover your own gift. One of the key frequencies that keeps people from sharing their own unique brilliance is fear. It's often been said that the opposite of love is hate, energetically speaking that is not true. The opposite of love is fear. Fear stops a would be concert vocalist from singing a single note, fear halts a gifted scientist from making an amazing discovery, fear prevents a person from quitting their mundane job and opening a thriving business. Fear is so powerful that it can prevent a person who has the capacity to heal from doing so. In essence, fear keeps people closed off from everyone and everything that could bring them joy and wholeness. I have found the vibration of fear has deep roots that can grow into a life filled with isolation, poverty, illness and despair.

Overcoming all fear in your lifetime is not the objective. A healthy dose of fear keeps you from driving your sports car off the cliff, it keeps you from being reckless with your finances or permanently severing relationships. What's important is not to rid your life of fear, but instead address the fear that is blocking your own happiness. Recognize that each and every fear block that you face will be unique to you.

Here is a quick exercise to face your fear. Recall a time in your life when you were afraid, but tapped your own inner courage to overcome that fear. Recall that experience over and over in your mind. You can use the energy of courage you once felt and call on it again now to face the current fear that is blocking you. You may have heard the saying that fear is nothing more than false evidence appearing real. I have a new twist, I think fear is simply false energy appearing real. When you recognize that you can replace the energy of fear with the energy of courage, you are one step closer to discovering and then sharing your own unique gift with the world.

In Love and Light,