Appreciating the Miraculous
In order to be of the greatest benefit, enhancing frequencies must be consciously chosen. If you have an energetic imbalance, whether it is a frequency of MS, or cancer or a toenail fungus, as an AIM participant, your higher self will automatically select the balancing energies you need to help you self-heal as a matter of basic instinct or survival. But there is no automatic selection in regard to the AIM enhancing frequencies; they are "voluntary" in that they must be consciously chosen by you, and they will be chosen by you if it is your intention to raise consciousness, to become increasingly aware of your connection to everyone and everything. This voluntary selection does not require that you know what all of these enhancing frequencies are - there are hundreds of them, and you quite naturally may more fully tap in to certain ones at certain times and not so much at other times.

Enhancing frequency – appreciating the miraculous.

Anyone living anywhere can appreciate miracles, regardless if they are on the AIM Program or not. What AIM allows you to do is recognize those miracles more readily.

Many people see the big events; we recognize the extraordinary task in putting a shuttle on the moon or understand the miracle in a spontaneous remission of a disease. But miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Miracles can include such things as your pet knowing exactly when you need some attention or thinking of a friend and having them suddenly call you on the phone. You need not wait for lightening to strike to sense your own miracle.

A mother recently wrote to the office and wanted to share her own miracle. Her daughter is on the AIM Down Syndrome Frequency Scholarship. Her daughter had recently self healed her heart condition and dramatically improved her reading skills and speech articulation. In addition, the child had become very receptive to positive re-enforcement and has shown tremendous enthusiasm for life. She said, "parents of other children with Down Syndrome are amazed by her." The sheer magnitude of this brave little girl's ability to face and heal herself on so many levels is the true definition of a miracle.

Another miracle happened just recently. A participant in California wrote to the office about enrolling her friend's dog "Elliott" on AIM. The participant said everyone had nearly given up on Elliott including his vet. Elliott had chronic symptoms of not eating, throwing up, his eyes constantly teared, he was very weak and lived in survival mode. After just a few months on AIM she said the changes in Elliott are amazing. He has put on weight, and moved from surviving to thriving. This story is really about two miracles, a dog that chose to heal itself, and the generosity of a human being to put an animal on AIM that did not even belong to her.

We never tire of hearing of miracles. If you find that frequent miracles are lacking in your life, consider making a conscious effort to appreciate them. If you can't draw from your own experience, then start celebrating them when you witness them for other people. Once you do that, you'll find they can more easily occur in your own life. Like attracts like, so begin with the simple quest to appreciate the miraculous, and then get ready to experience your own dose of daily miracles. As Albert Einstein so eloquently wrote, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." We vote for the latter.

In Love and Light,